Jagged Metal is inspired as much by music as fashion. Listen here to the music we love from the 70s, 80s and 90s...


The 70s was a decade where people looked for glamour in fashion and music to escape the harsh realities of life at that time. This was the decade when black music culture started to infiltrate the mainstream 

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As disco fell out of favour, the early and mid 80s saw the emergence of a smoother soul and jazz. By the mid 80s, digital recording leads to the explosion of electro, dance, techno and rave. R&B and hip hop gain traction throughout the early and mid 80s becoming a huge influence on culture by the end of the decade

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Dance music exploded in the 90s, diversifying into rave, hardcore, happy house, D&B and Trip Hop.  Meanwhile hip hop continued to grow and is now seen as its  golden age, fusing with R&B, soul and jazz to bring us new genres such as new jack swing.

Northern indie bands, such as the Happy Mondays, Stone Rose and 808 State, inspired by acid house, funk and 60s psychedelia to create the Madchester movement and the second summer of love.

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