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1970s Fashion

A Celebration of 1970s Jewellery

Christian Lacroix Jewellery

Christian Lacroix is a renowned fashion designer and couturier known for his flamboyant and theatrical designs. While his fashion creations have made him a household name in the fashion industry, Lacroix is also recognized for his vintage jewelry pieces that have captured the hearts of jewelry collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

Christian Lacroix Vintage Jewelry: A Brief History

Christian Lacroix began designing jewelry in the 1980s, during the height of his fashion career. Lacroix's jewelry designs were inspired by his love for the theatrical and the grandiose, and his pieces often featured intricate details, bold colors, and an eclectic mix of materials.

Lacroix's vintage jewelry designs are known for their whimsical and eclectic aesthetic. His jewelry often features an assortment of materials, such as glass, crystal, pearls, and gold, all blended together in a way that creates a harmonious and unique piece.

Christian Lacroix Vintage Jewelry Collection

Christian Lacroix is a French fashion designer known for his luxurious and theatrical style. While his fashion creations have been widely celebrated, Lacroix also dabbled in the world of jewelry design, creating stunning pieces that reflect his unique aesthetic.

Lacroix's jewelry designs are known for their opulence and boldness. He often combined different materials and styles to create pieces that were both playful and sophisticated. His jewelry pieces were made using a range of materials, including precious stones, enamel, and gold plating. Many of his pieces also feature intricate details, such as floral and animal motifs.

One of Lacroix's most notable collections was his "Les Plaisirs de la Vie" or "The Pleasures of Life" collection, which was launched in 1991. This collection featured pieces that were inspired by different aspects of French culture, including architecture, art, and fashion. The collection included bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that were adorned with colorful enamel and bold, chunky stones.

Another standout collection from Lacroix was his "Jungle Queen" collection, which was launched in 1994. This collection was inspired by the exotic and wild nature of the jungle and featured pieces that were adorned with animal prints and exotic stones. The pieces in this collection were particularly bold and playful, with oversized pieces that were meant to make a statement.

In addition to his collections, Lacroix also created custom pieces for clients, many of which were one-of-a-kind. His custom pieces were often inspired by the client's personal style, as well as the materials and colors that they were drawn to. Lacroix worked closely with his clients to create pieces that were unique and special to them.

Lacroix's jewelry designs were not only notable for their boldness and opulence but also for their attention to detail. Many of his pieces feature intricate details and fine craftsmanship, such as delicate filigree work and precision-cut stones. Lacroix's attention to detail and commitment to quality set his jewelry designs apart from other designers.

Lacroix's jewelry designs have been worn by a range of celebrities and fashion icons, including Princess Caroline of Monaco, Madonna, and Naomi Campbell. His designs have also been featured in a range of fashion magazines and have been the subject of several exhibitions.

While Lacroix is no longer creating new jewelry designs, his vintage pieces are still highly sought after by collectors and fashion enthusiasts. Lacroix's jewelry designs continue to inspire and influence designers today, and his legacy as a designer of both fashion and jewelry remains strong.

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