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Music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s continues to be a source of inspiration for fashion and style today. The fashion and music of these decades were revolutionary, colorful, and bold, and continue to be celebrated and enjoyed by people all over the world. At Jagged Metal, we believe that music and fashion are closely linked, and we are inspired by the iconic styles and sounds of these decades.

The 70s were a time of cultural and musical revolution, and disco was the sound that defined the era. From the Bee Gees to Donna Summer, disco was all about dancing, glitter, and having a good time. But the 70s were also about soulful ballads and smooth jazz, with artists like Stevie Wonder, Al Green, and Marvin Gaye creating some of the most iconic songs of all time.

In the 80s, the music scene continued to evolve, with new wave, synth-pop, and hip hop emerging as dominant genres. Artists like Prince, Madonna, and Michael Jackson were at the forefront of the music industry, and their unique styles and sounds continue to be celebrated today. The 80s were also known for their energetic and upbeat dance music, with artists like Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson creating infectious tracks that are still popular on dance floors around the world.

The 90s saw the rise of grunge and alternative rock, with bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden dominating the airwaves. But the 90s were also the era of dance music, with rave, techno, and house music taking over clubs and dance floors around the world. R&B and hip hop continued to grow in popularity, with artists like TLC, Tupac, and Notorious B.I.G. dominating the charts.

At Jagged Metal, we have curated a selection of our favorite tracks from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, including disco classics, new wave hits, alternative rock anthems, and dancefloor bangers. We believe that the music and fashion of these decades continue to be an inspiration for people today, and we are passionate about bringing together vintage pieces from these eras with contemporary style and attitude.

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The 70s

The 70s was a decade of cultural transformation that had a significant impact on music and fashion. The era was marked by a desire for glamour and escapism, as people sought refuge from the harsh realities of the time. Music played a significant role in the culture of the 70s, with the rise of soul, funk and disco music gaining popularity worldwide.

The emergence of black music culture in the mainstream was a defining feature of the 70s, with artists such as James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder dominating the music scene. Disco, with its upbeat and danceable rhythms, became a symbol of the era and was closely linked to the fashion of the time. The disco aesthetic was characterized by glitter, glam, and sequins, with people dressing up in flamboyant outfits for a night out on the town.

At Jagged Metal, we take inspiration from the fashion and music of the 70s, curating a collection of vintage jewelry pieces that reflect the era's glamour and style. From bold statement pieces to delicate gold chains, our collection includes pieces that evoke the spirit of the decade while remaining contemporary and versatile. So, whether you're looking for something to add a touch of retro charm to your outfit or a statement piece to complete your look, Jagged Metal has got you covered.


THE 80s

The 80s was an iconic era for music, fashion, and pop culture. As disco faded out, the early and mid-80s brought in a smoother soul and jazz sound. By the mid-80s, the explosion of electronic music, dance, techno, and rave music was driven by digital recording technology. Throughout the early and mid-80s, R&B and hip hop gained more popularity, with rap music becoming a powerful force by the end of the decade. The 80s was also marked by its distinctive fashion trends, from power dressing to punk rock and neon colors.

If you're a fan of 80s music, Jagged Metal has got you covered. We have curated the best of 80s soul, dance, and hip hop playlist on Spotify. Our playlist features top tracks from the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston, and more. From smooth jazz to electrifying dance hits, our playlist will take you back to the sounds of the 80s.

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Find our best of 80s soul, dance and hip hop playlist here on Spotify


THE 90s

The 90s was a decade of diversity in music, with dance music exploding into various sub-genres like rave, hardcore, happy house, D&B, and Trip Hop. Hip hop continued to grow and is now regarded as the golden age, fusing with R&B, soul and jazz to create new genres like new jack swing. In addition, northern indie bands such as the Happy Mondays, Stone Rose, and 808 State took inspiration from acid house, funk, and 60s psychedelia to create the Madchester movement and the second summer of love.

At Jagged Metal, we celebrate the music and fashion of the 90s with our carefully curated collection of vintage jewellery from this era. From statement cuffs and bold necklaces to classic clip-ons and delicate pendants, our collection offers a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from. Whether you're looking for a piece to add a touch of glamour to an evening outfit or a unique touch of flair to your everyday wardrobe, Jagged Metal has something for everyone.

Check out our "Best of 90s Dance, Hip Hop, R&B, and Indie Rave" playlist on Spotify and follow us on Instagram @jaggedmetallondon to stay up-to-date with our latest collections and styling tips. With Jagged Metal, you can find a piece of history that will never go out of style.



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