Meet our founder

Jagged Metal - Designer Vintage and preloved jewellery - Donna Larotonda

I've always been a bit of a fashion addict and a vintage enthusiast and jewellery has always been a big part of my life. Growing up, I remember the women in my life using jewellery as a kind of armour to face the world and at the weekend all the stops were pulled out for a big night out. Being a teenager in the 90s, jewellery went hand in hand with the dance and hip hop cultures that I grew up with. 

Vintage for me is all about the 70s, 80s and 90s. Fashion in these decades is so tied up with music, culture and the changing role of women in society. From 70s disco, to 80s power dressing and the era of the supermodel in the 90s - jewellery has given women the opportunity to be creative, powerful and hedonistic with their style.

I love that cheap fast fashion is being replaced with slower trends and timeless pieces inspired by every fashion decade. We don't have to be slaves to fashion any more - we get to mix designer with vintage and high street and create our own look.

I've always felt that jewellery has the power to make things new and fresh, to take an outfit to a new level - you'll often see me throw on a chunky 80s chain over my loungewear to cheer myself up. I always look for wearable pieces that fit as easily with a T-shirt or a hoodie as with a dress.

Jagged Metal is all about making vintage feel contemporary. I want to give women the tools to experiment and to find their own style.

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