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A Guide to different kinds of chain links

A Guide to different kinds of chain links - a few of our favourites


When it comes to jewellery, understanding the different kinds of chain links is essential for making the right choice. In our comprehensive guide to different kinds of chain links, we explore the unique characteristics and popular uses of various chain styles. From the classic elegance of cable chains to the bold sophistication of curb chains, and the intricate design of wheat chains to the sleek minimalism of snake chains, this guide covers it all. 


  1. Cable Chains
Different types of chain links cable link chain

The cable chain, with its uniform oval or round links, is the workhorse of chains. Its simple elegance and durability make it a perfect canvas for pendants and charms. 

  1. Curb Chains

Different types of chain links curb link chain

Curb chains take the classic cable chain and elevate. Their links are twisted and often diamond-cut, creating a flat surface that adds a touch of boldness, making curb chains a popular choice for both men and women.

  1. Figaro Chains

Different types of chain links Figaro link chain

Originating from Italy, the Figaro chain is a variation of the curb chain, featuring a distinctive pattern of two to three shorter links interspersed with one elongated oval link .

  1. Rolo Chains
Different types of chain links rolo link chain

The Rolo chain, with its alternating round or oval links, are typically thicker than those of a cable chain, providing a substantial and weighty feel. This chain is ideal for those who appreciate bolder jewellery. Rolo chains are perfect for heavier pendants.

  1. Snake Chains

Different types of chain links snake link chain

Snake chains embody sleek minimalism. Characterised by tight, round, smooth metal plates or bands that curve slightly at their midpoint, they resemble a flexible tube. This smooth texture and reflective surface create a perfect backdrop for statement pendants.

  1. Wheat Chains

Different types of chain links wheat link chain

Also known as Spiga (Italian for "wheat"), wheat chains are more intricate in design, featuring twisted oval links that interlock to resemble the tips of wheat stalks.

  1. Box Chains
Different types of chain links box link chain

Box chains offer a contemporary twist on the classic chain link. Featuring square links instead of rounded ones, they have a more sturdy feel and can support heavier pendants.

  1. Ball Chain
Different types of chain links ball link chain

 This playful chain features hollow metal balls connected by a rod. Often used for keychains, a larger gauge can add a fun, unexpected touch to jewellery.

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