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Chanel Vintage Jewellery

Vintage Jewellery Designer Profiles

Chanel - a name that commands reverence, that stands synonymous with fashion's timeless magnificence, opulent textures, and a persistent pursuit of perfection. The journey of Chanel is a testament to enduring perseverance, unrivaled innovation, and an undying dedication to excellence.

Born from the unassuming beginnings of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel in Saumur, France, 1883, the story of Chanel is woven from threads of resiliency. Coco, who honed her sewing skills and nurtured her passion for fashion in an orphanage, would go on to open a modest hat shop in Paris in 1909. Her inimitable taste for elegance quickly turned heads, and her shop gained momentum as a purveyor of tasteful designs.

Chanel, as we know it, blossomed in the 1920s, evolving beyond hats to encompass clothing and accessories. This era witnessed Chanel introduce game-changing creations to the fashion world, being the first designer to champion the use of jersey fabric in women's clothing. The Chanel style mantra echoed simplicity, grace, and modernism, brought to life through neutral tones, geometric motifs, and minimalist lines.

Unfazed by the trials of World War II, Chanel persevered, offering a symphony of fresh designs, including the evergreen Chanel suit. The brand also ventured into fragrances, birthing the legendary Chanel No. 5, a scent that has transcended generations to remain a beloved classic.

The Chanel allure extended into jewellery design during the 1950s. This period gave birth to dramatic, eye-catching pieces such as oversized brooches, elaborate necklaces, and grandiose earrings. Chanel's intricate metalwork, punctuated by the sparkle of rhinestones, coloured stones, and pearls, echoed unparalleled attention to detail and sophistication. These vintage treasures from the 50s continue to inspire contemporary fashion and remain sought-after jewels in the crown of collectors.

Chanel's 70s jewellery era reflected boldness and indulgence, focusing on the grandeur of gold and pearls. The iconic Chanel logo necklace, with its interlocked Cs on a heavy gold chain, and the signature "chain belts," adorned with pearls, characterised this era. Oversized cuffs, bracelets, and sculptural forms seamlessly complemented the decade's fashion, making Chanel's 70s jewellery collection a cherished possession for fashion enthusiasts even today.

Even after Coco Chanel's demise in 1971, the brand's flame kept burning bright under the ingenious stewardship of designers like Karl Lagerfeld, who took over as creative director in 1983. Lagerfeld successfully carried forward Chanel's legacy, fostering new designs that paid tribute to the brand's spirit while challenging the fashion norms.

Lagerfeld ushered Chanel into the 80s with renewed vigour. His eclectic design philosophy saw the brand's jewellery evolve to include audacious, oversized gold chains, and large statement earrings. The chunky logo necklace, adorned with oversized letters spelling Chanel, and vivid gemstones, characterized Lagerfeld's 80s Chanel creations.

His daring vision continued to lead Chanel through the 90s, where fashion met audacity in the form of oversized pieces. The brand's signature aesthetic of incorporating pearls was maintained, but with a twist. Traditional, dainty pearls evolved into oversized versions, mingling with varied materials like leather, gold-tone metal, and vibrant enamel.

Chanel's 90s jewellery collection also featured gold-tone cuffs, bangle bracelets, long drop earrings with bold geometric forms, and statement brooches ranging from the brand's iconic camellia flower to abstract designs. These vintage pieces continue to be a reflection of the era's daring fashion trends, as they remain in high demand among collectors and fashion lovers. Such vintage treasures, each telling a story of an epoch gone by, continue to fuel the creative engine of contemporary Chanel designs.

Today, Chanel stands as a monolith of fashion, a beacon of timeless elegance and dedication to intricate craftsmanship. Its legacy is more than a mere brand; it's an emblem of history, a testament to fashion's evolution, and an undeniable inspiration for future creations.

The spectacle that is a Chanel fashion show continues to be a high-water mark on the fashion calendar, a testament to the iconicity and influence the brand wields within the industry. With an illustrious past, a trendsetting present, and a promising future, Chanel continues to write its tale in the annals of fashion, one iconic design at a time.

So, as we continue to adorn ourselves with Chanel's designs, be it a timeless pearl necklace, a chunky logo bracelet, or a pair of exquisite earrings, we don't just wear a piece of jewellery. We carry a piece of history, a symbol of resilience and innovation, an heirloom that will continue to inspire and evolve, just as the enduring legacy of Chanel itself.


Jagged Metal's vintage Chanel jewellery collection features an array of exquisite pieces that capture the iconic style and luxury of the revered fashion house. From statement cuffs to classic clip ons and chain belts, the collection showcases the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail that is synonymous with Chanel. Each piece exudes the timeless elegance and sophistication that has made the brand a mainstay in the fashion world. Whether you're a collector, a fashion enthusiast, or simply appreciate the exquisite beauty of vintage jewellery, Jagged Metal's vintage Chanel jewellery collection offers a unique and stylish selection that is sure to impress.

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