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1970s Fashion

A Celebration of 1970s Jewellery

1970s Fashion - A decade of free expression


The 1970s was a decade of huge societal change and of increasingly progressive values, especially for women. The third wave of feminism promised women new possibilities of self-expression. standing on the shoulders of 60s free love, the 70s gave us an incredible decade of fashion freedom and creativity.

The 1970s is one of our favourite decades and where we get lots inspiration from. And what’s not to love about the 1970s?! Both women and men were free to express their personality and experiment - flamboyance and flair were encouraged. People were free to be creative with fashion, to experiment with shapes and styles that hadn’t been seen before. 

The 70s was a decade of fashion extremes,  a wild ride through Bohemia, dandyism, modernism, disco sparkle and eventually punk. 
The mainstream adoption of colour TV in the 1970s had a huge impact on fashion. Suddenly everyone could see their heroes in beautiful technicolour - this was the dawn of ASOS culture, where people paid tribute to their favourite rock and film stars through their fashion choices.


Impact of music on jewellery and fashion 

Music in the 70s was big, bold and colourful - think Elvis Presley, Sergeant Pepper, Glam rock and disco. Bright vivid colours, clashing colour combinations, wild patterns and flamboyant tailoring all dominated.  

And the 70s still has a huge impact on fashion today  - flares, platforms and dopamine prints all hark back to this time of wild self expression. 


1970s Jewellery Trends

Jewellery had a big part to play in 70s fashion. Here are a few key trends of the time.


Bohemian jewellery

 The free love hippy movement drove a big trend for jewellery inspired by natural, organic forms and materials - shells, coral, coconut, amber, and wood. The 70s saw a renewed interest in non-western cultures which also had a big impact on fashion.

While there are times when Bohemia is front and centre in fashion (think Sienna Miller 2004), Bohemia never really leaves fashion. We see it most seasons in whimiscal fabrics, prints 

Disco jewellery 

Disco Jewellery was high shine - to reflect and sparkle against the light on the dance floor. Think crystals, gold and silver mesh shimmering, stacking bangles, hoop earrings and sparkly chokers.

70s  jewellery was characterised by bold geometric, modernist shapes with simple yet bold lines.


Egyptian revival jewellery

The 1970s saw a huge Egyptian revival following the Tutankhamen exhibition in 1972 in London. Think Egyptian amulets, slave bracelets.


Edwardian jewellery 

In the 1970s, people embraced  ‘La Belle Epoque’ -  a time of frivolity and wealth for the upper classes. Led by King Edward VII, the king earned a reputation as a luxury-loving playboy. 1970s Edwardian fashion embraced dandyism and flamboyance - think cameos on chains and lockets, statement collars and chokers, pendants, glamorous chunky chains, stacked rings and layers of necklaces.

Hoop earrings

 Big hair and big clothes in the 1970s meant big earrings were required! Huge hoop earrings swept the shoulders and swung in Time to the music on the dance floor! 

Mood rings and birthstone jewellery 

The hippy movement was all about rejecting the stiff upper lip of the establishment and becoming in touch with your emotions. As a result, mood rings became huge in the 1970s, containing a thermocratic liquid crystal which changed colour with changes in body temperature.

Although the concept of birthstones and crystal healing predates the bible, it wasnt until the 1970s until birthstones and crystal healing were adopted by the mssses.  




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